Joseph A. Wilkins, Attorney

Intelligent Timely Legal Solutions

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I have represented hundreds of clients in state and federal courts across the midwest. I have the reputation for being formidable opponents in the courtroom. Over the last seventeen years I have the polished skills and passionate determination to achieve my clients' goals in diverse types of civil disputes. Make me the leader of your litigation team and I'll develop a tailored trial strategy for you and present a strong argument on your behalf.

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Transparency and easy billing practices are at the core of our relationship. I believe that being effective advocates means keeping lines of communication open, so often times I will answer brief questions, short emails and texts without additional charges. I am available for coffee, a drink, or a meeting at your office.

I offer flexible pricing and payment plans to suit each client’s specific needs, including flat fees and mutually agreeable caps for hourly projects. I always discuss pricing in detail, in advance. You will know up front the costs and that gives you the opportunity to plan your budget.
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When you hire me, I guarantee you'll get a caring, zealous advocate to help you through each step. I pride myself on being different than other law firms. When you call me, you'll get an involved lawyer right away.