Joseph A. Wilkins, Attorney

Intelligent Timely Legal Solutions

Part of your small businesses team

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I currently represent individuals and small businesses in a variety of industries. Consider me part of your business team. I bring the technical legal skills, practical business judgment and most importantly hustle. I use my background and experience to assist you through each phase of the businesses life cycle, from initial planning and organization, to equity and debt financing and operational issues, through the sale of the company.

Because of my comprehensive understanding of how companies are started, financed and later exited, as well as how best to advise the officers and directors of our clients to appropriately fulfill their roles and act in accordance with their fiduciary duties, I am the go-to guy for your small business.

My engagement often begins as early as the business planning stage, before the Company has even been formed. When I get involved at the outset, I am able to guide my clients past many of the pitfalls that await an early stage company.

As my clients mature and their needs become more complex, I work as part of cross-professional teams to ensure that my clients receive experienced and insightful advice on any issue that may arise.