Joseph A. Wilkins, Attorney

Intelligent Timely Legal Solutions

Intelligent. Timely. Legal Solutions.

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Relationships matter when you’re trying to solve challenges in your life. Whether you are planning for the future, getting a business off the ground, sharing big ideas, or find yourself in conflict, those are the moments you need someone who understands how the pieces fit together.

It's during those moments when having an advocate who cares matters most. I got involved in law for the same reason so many people find it challenging: the competition, complexity and structure of it are appealing to me. But it’s more than that: I also love working closely as part of a team, advancing ideas and fighting the good fight, which is why you’ll so often find me with my feet on the ground (not up on a desk).

Supporting the ideas and projects my clients care about most frees them to focus on their work, their lives, and their families. And that matters to me as much as it does to them.